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Postdoctoral Fellow

Computer Science (Robotics)

Born and raised in Belgium, I received the master's degree in electromechanical engineering (mechatronics) in 2019 from the Université Catholique de Louvain. During the fall semester of 2018, I was with the Université de Sherbrooke, as a Visiting Student. I moved to Canada in 2019 and I earned the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering (robotics) in 2023 from the Université de Sherbrooke under the supervision of Prof. Alexis Lussier Desbiens, with the Createk Design Lab. I was a postdoctoral fellow in the same lab until 2024.  I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in computer science (robotics) at McGill University, under the supervision of Prof. David Meger, with the Mobile Robotics Lab (MRL) - Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM)

My research focuses on designing efficient behaviors and strategies for intelligent robots in various applications, including navigation, exploration, inspection, and recognition. I aim to contribute to the advancement of the field by designing and optimizing novel algorithms and models that enable robots to perform complex tasks in real-world environments. My research involves a combination of path planning, optimization, decision-making, machine learning, computer vision, and other robotics techniques. By addressing challenges related to efficiency, robustness, and safety, I hope to enable the widespread use of intelligent robots in diverse applications, from aiding society (e.g., search and rescue, infrastructure inspection, advanced driver-assistance systems) to fostering sustainable development (e.g., seabed mapping, endangered plants monitoring).


MOAR Planner: Multi-Objective and Adaptive Risk-Aware Path Planning

TAPE: Tether-Aware Exploration Algorithm for a Tethered Robot

RRT-Rope: Path Planning Algorithm for Large Environments

Visual Recognition for the Audi e-tron Production

Game Strategy for an Autonomous Robot at Eurobot


MOAR Planner