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Assistant Professor in Robotics Engineering

Université de Sherbrooke

I'm a Professor in Robotics Engineering at the Université de Sherbrooke. I'm also a member of Createk and IntRoLab research groups at the 3IT research institute. I am seeking highly qualified Master's and PhD applicants. If you are interested, please use this form.

My current research focuses on developing efficient behaviors and strategies to endow autonomous mobile robots with intelligence and environmental awareness for applications in safety, maintenance, and conservation. My research involves a combination of robotics techniques (e.g., path planning, optimization, decision-making, machine learning, computer vision). I aim to contribute to the advancement of the field by designing and optimizing novel algorithms and models that enable robots to perform complex tasks in real-world environments. By addressing challenges related to efficiency, robustness, and safety, I hope to enable the widespread use of intelligent robots in diverse applications, from aiding society (e.g., search and rescue, infrastructure inspection, advanced driver assistance systems) to fostering sustainable development (e.g., seabed mapping, invasive species and endangered plants monitoring). In the short term, I want to work on interactions within a team of multi-configuration robots (aerial, terrestrial, marine and underwater) to better understand natural ecosystems.


Feel free to fill out this form if you are interested in working on these topics:

Image recognition for the inventory of endangered alpine arctic plants using UAVs on cliffs in National Parks in Canada

Off-road autonomous driving & advanced driver-assistance systems

Infrastructure inspection, underwater navigation and autonomous marine systems

Students working with me will be part of the 3IT research institute at Université de Sherbrooke, which is home to world-renowned researchers, students, and interdisciplinary staff who collaborate to create high-impact technological solutions and advance applied science from theory to practice.

3IT - Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation

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Research partners and clients

MOAR Planner: Multi-Objective and Adaptive Risk-Aware Path Planning

TAPE: Tether-Aware Exploration Algorithm for a Tethered Robot

RRT-Rope: Path Planning Algorithm for Large Environments


MOAR Planner